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Established 1988
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Thermographic Surveys


A factory maintenance manager is under pressure to maximise production and cannot afford additional shut down periods for reactive maintenance repair work. He is aware of the electricity at work act and the responsibilities this puts on him to provide a safe working environment for all persons in the workplace. A System breakdown would interfere with the Production Manager's targets.


A thermographic inspection is a safe, non contact and non invasive way to satisfy both the Maintenance and Production Managers. It is a perfect supplement to a Periodic Inspection Report. The insurance company will also be pleased as a thermographic inspection is the best predictive monitoring you can have. Loose or corroded connections, overloads and hot spots can be identified well before the system breaks down or becomes a serious fire hazard.


A full report with the photographic images and data is compiled. This report can then be compared with future scheduled inspections to spot any gradual deterioration.